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"Integrity lending with customer satisfaction being #1 priority."

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Bethany Levin

(401) 633-6060

Loan Officer (NMLS#14169)

Licensed in MA & RI


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Making sure that the process is smooth and seamless is the cornerstone of my success. I strive to maintain long-term relationships with clients and help them make wise financial decisions with their real estate. My goal is always to exceed expectations.


Purchase & Refinance | First Time Home Buyers | Conventional | FHA | VA | USDA | 203k | Jumbo 
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I would have been lost at the purchase of my 1st home without Bethany. She is the absolute best. I recommend her 100 percent. Professional, reliable and knows her stuff.

- Zillow User


“Bethany was a pleasure to work with. She made the whole process painless. She is dedicated and very professional. She was available to answer any questions at almost any time on any day. She walked me thru each step and prompted me when things needed to be done. She coordinated with the Realtors, Lawyers and myself to make the whole home buying experience go flawlessly. I would recommend Bethany and Northpoint Mortgage to anyone looking to buy a new home.”

– Jeff L.


“Bethany Levin worked with me on my recent mortgage loan and she has refinanced 2 loans with me in the past. She is always professional and friendly. She is knowledgeable and informative; quick to return emails and phones or send out updated information. I highly recommend her. She also checked in with me after the closing on my home to ensure that everything went well.”

– Jennifer A.


“To say Bethany Levin went above and beyond while working on our mortgage loan would be a true understatement. After selling real estate for 10+ years and working with dozens of lenders there was no question in my mind who I would call when it came to trusting someone to handle my loan for a purchase. I am self employed (realtor), my husband was 1099 and now W2, we are FAR from the straightforward, walk in the park clients. However, Bethany handled the entire process as any true professional would; she was ON TOP OF EVERYTHING… she made sure every ‘i’ was dotted and ‘t’ was crossed at all times, she responds in a very timely manner….even if it is just to say – I got your message and will be in touch tomorrow… during a stressful process, she doesn’t leave you hanging. I can’t say enough good things about the honesty, integrity, and unbelievable work ethic of Bethany Levin and the team at Northpoint. We closed on our home 5 weeks ago and we have them to thank over and over and over again.”

– Lisa D.


“Always appreciate the thoroughness, laying out exactly what is needed and responsiveness of Northpoint, especially Bethany and Rob. Very easy to work with and consultative throughout the process”

– John W.


“Bethany Levin was superb in her handling of our mortgage. She was professional and had everything under control with no missing ‘parts’. I would highly recommend her.”

– David S.


“We’ve had excellent service and as always met our expectations with our latest Refi as well as our past mortgage needs. I would highly recommend Bethany & the Northpoint team.”

– Brian Q.


“Bethany anticipates things ahead of time – just a huge help towards a smooth transaction.”

– Paul M. (Realtor)


“Bethany was amazing. Although I was told applying for a mortgage was stressful, it was a painless process. Her knowledge and communication throughout the process was excellent. ”

– James G.


“Bethany was wonderful to work with and was always available to answer any questions. She is honest and trustworthy. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I will recommend Bethany and North Point to anyone I know looking to purchase a home. Bethany also referred me to Amy Dixon who was an excellent realtor with much experience and knowledge of her own. Very satisfied client!”

– Julie G.


“Bethany is always available – always going beyond to help make the deal come together!”

– Nancy B. (Realtor)


“This was another tough one & Bethany got us through it! :)”

– Christa J. (Realtor)


“Bethany always exceeds my expectations. The little things she does just makes my job so much easier. Honestly, I don’t trust anyone else with my business including my personal business. Simply put, Bethany is the best!”

– Jean G. (Realtor)


“On top of it all they way.”

“Wish they all went like this ”

– Larry P. (Realtor)


“Bethany always delivers, even when the odds are against us!”

– Christa J. (Realtor)


“Bethany was always available and delivered what she said she could. She was always professional, resourceful and reliable. She had her work cut out for her on this deal and pulled it together like she said she would.”

– Patricia M. (Realtor)


“Our experience with Bethany Levin was a great one. She was very professional and was always willing to explain every part of the process. She worked diligently to complete our mortgage process in a very short time frame. I would recommend her to others.”

– Jon S.


“I had a very positive experience. Bethany provided clear detailed information and was quick to answer any questions.”

– Jennifer A.


“This purchase had a tricky set of circumstances and Bethany knew right away how to address this.”

– Paul M. (Realtor)


“I Have been recommending Bethany to my buyers for years and she has always been right there for my clients every step of the way. I suggested my last buyer, who was my step daughter, to Bethany and she just took her under her wing and helped her with every minor issue that arose in the most professional and informative way imaginable. Bethany has always successfully uncomplicated a process that may seem very complicated to most people.”

-Scott G. (Realtor)


“Bethany has been the best person I could ever think to have work with me for such a potential stressful experience. Her communication skills were key to making sure that all people involved or may be involved were always on the same page. I would refer Bethany to everyone and anyone I know because she was so great to work with. She was always available any time of the day and would get back to me quickly. Bethany was very understanding and thorough with any questions I may have had. I can’t say enough good things about this woman!!!!!!”

– Dianne H.


“Bethany was exceptional through out the entire process and I will recommend her to friends in the future”

– Mark G.


“Bethany made sure we had everything we needed in order to have a smooth loan acceptance and closing.”

– Andrea R.


“It was a pleasure working with Bethany during our recent home-buying adventure. She is talented, knowledgeable, caring and extremely professional, making the entire process smooth and painless for us. Bethany is tops!”

– John C.


“There is one word that best summarizes Bethany Levin – competence. I can’t stress this enough. Bethany is supremely competent at a difficult job. I have worked with the very best planners in the US military for my entire career. Bethany is one of the best strategic planners I’ve ever met. She is one of those rare people who anticipates problems and resolves them before they arise. If you have not got a mortgage or refinanced since the ’08 crash, you are in for a terrible surprise at how complicated and pedantic the process is now. Where the banks used to throw money at anyone with no questions asked, they now demand a level of detail that is, well, insulting. For example, not only do they want a bank deposit check, they want bank records showing the money in an account and leaving that account to fund the check. Bethany told me about the process in very fine detail and listed up front all the documents that would be required, instead of endless “Oh and by the way” add-ons that a less competent mortgage consultant might have sent over a few weeks. More than 40 individual documents were required. It is so much easier working off a master list than getting them together in dribs and drabs, dragging out a painful process when often time is of the essence to make an offer on a house. Some days I emailed Bethany more than 10 times with questions large and small. We also had a very rare and difficult hitch in the process – water off a ducks back for Bethany. In the end she had done so much work at the front end putting together what became a 300+ page application that it sailed through within 48 hours with absolutely no extra questions or requests for missing information. I expect the people that deal with Bethany on the back end of the loan process know they get a detailed and comprehensive product from her first time every time, thus enabling a quick and easy decision based on her extensive ground work. Bethany is a charm to deal with and nothing seems to phase her. Given the roller coaster financial world this is astonishing. I rarely recommend people and I do so here enthusiastically. Bethany has my complete confidence. If you are the sort of person who is willing to do the work up front and have no nasty surprises when the crunch time comes, choose Bethany Levin. ”

– Adam C.


“Always goes above and beyond!!!”

– Nancy B. (Realtor)


“There aren’t enough characters in this box for me to explain how Bethany goes above and beyond. ”

– Amy D. (Realtor)


“One of the smoothest closing processes I have had in my 14 years in the business. ”

– Mike Z. (Realtor)


“Bethany is one of a kind. She goes the distance for her clients. She turned a very confusing process, into an easy exchange of information. She was kind, courteous, on top of everything, and very organized. I have recommended her several times already, and will continue to do so. She is truly amazing at her profession. ”

– Joseph L.



“Bethany is very intuitive. This helps tremendously, throughout the loan process. ”

– Paul M. (Realtor)


“Working with Bethany was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. She was responsive, diligent, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond in every aspect of the process. ”

– Amity J. 


“We were so pleased with your attention to detail and fabulous responsiveness to our needs and questions. ”

– Eric R.


“Bethany is simply great. She is completely available. She thinks and plans ahead. Her thorough knowledge of lender requirements makes her invaluable in structuring a purchase in the way for the client.”

– Paul M. (Realtor)


“Bethany was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. She was available at all hours, explained all steps in the process thoroughly and responded immediately to questions or concerns. This was my first home buying experience and Bethany ensured that it was a positive one.”

– Jennifer A.


“Simply the Best at what she does!”

– Steven G.


“As Bethany knows this was an unusual set of hurdles to overcome in order for us to secure our mortgage and she was instrumental in its completion. I can’t express how grateful I am for her persistence and experience, but above all her patience. She was open with us about everything, on the phone whenever a piece of the puzzle was missing, and let nothing stand her way. I am in awe that someone I’ve never met could have such a positive impact on my life.”

– Anthony J.



“We could not have been any luckier to have worked with Bethany Levin. She is such a nice person and above par professional. Bethany is a superstar. ;)”

– Michelle F. 


“Extremely knowledgeable friendly very punctual and outgoing, a pleasure to work with.”

– Argenis O.


“As a first time homebuyer, Bethany provided me with her knowledge and expertise throughout the entire loan process. She was honest and timely, and I would recommend her to anyone!”

– Bonnie M.


“Our overall experience was great from start to finish Bethany the best.”

– Michael G.


In response to the question, “Did our team exceed your expectations?”

“You always do! I should say SHE always does!”

-Amy D. (Realtor)


“As a Realtor I rely on Mortgage Consultants to help my Buyer’s in obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home! Bethany goes far beyond the usual…she explains in details to buyers and continues to follow thru. Calls are always returned, emails always replied to. Highly recommend! She is a pleasure to work with.”

– Nancy B. (Realtor)


“Bethany stays with the objective (to get you qualified for your home) through counsel, perseverance and education.  I will put in simple terms: “She knows her stuff”. Bethany is also very RESPONSIVE and energetic. Working with Bethany has been a blessing for us, because she shows both professionalism and character. If you are looking for a mortgage consultant who will persevere and educate you along the way, I give you Bethany.”

– Wilbert D.


“Bethany was incredible. She explained things in a way that I understood. She stayed in contact with me daily until all the paperwork was in and she continued to lend support with this process. I would recommend others to work with Bethany if they are going to get a mortgage. Thank you Bethany for all of your help. I am grateful that things went as well as they did.”

– Kathleen H.


“Bethany is so proficient at lending that she is always thinking a few steps ahead. This is a huge help to both the borrower and the agent. Things are approached with the proper understanding and done right the first time. This results in efficiency and calm for everyone involved!”

– Paul M. (Realtor)


“Bethany was a great resource- she was readily available to answer our many, many questions and her cheerful attitude brought personality to the otherwise tedious process. This says a lot seeing our relationship was only via phone and email.”

– Meghan S.


“The service from Bethany at Northpoint was excellent, and we couldn’t of asked for a better first time buyer experience. I would recommend Bethany and Northpoint to any potential buyers out there!!! A+++”

– John R.


“It was a pleasure working with Bethany. She was very organized,  enthusiastic and dedicated. She made the painful task of gathering information for our first mortgage as simple as possible. She was very approachable and always available for any questions we had and showed a sincere interest in our process. I would highly recommend working with her for pre-approvals and loans.”

– Meghan S.


“Yes and you always do! This section isn’t long enough to list how many ways Bethany goes above and beyond. She’s a wizard with a wand!”

– Amy D. (Realtor)


“Great! With all that had to be done Bethany was there to help and walk us through every single thing we needed and always made herself available if we had any questions or concerns! At times things got really stressful but with her help we got through all we needed to, got everything together and would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Bethany!!!”

– David M.


“Bethany was amazing to work with! She worked with us so effectively and made sure everything was in line for the purchase of our home. She made all our questions were answered and often provided information even before we knew we needed it!”

– Laura W


“Bethany is simply the best at what she does for her clients. She was in relentless pursuit of the goal of getting a very difficult loan done.”

– Steven G.


“You were always there when my client was flipping out with panic on several occasions and you were able to assess the situation and explain the situation to calm him. Also, your patience with him when he was so slow. Whatever you said to him lit a fire under him.”

– Marilyn B. (Realtor)


“Awesome job!”

– Van N.


“Bethany was very helpful in my recent purchase of a house. She came highly recommended and she proved to be a valuable asset on my real estate team. She was readily available for anything I needed and went out of her way to ensure as smooth a process as possible in the purchase of my first home.”

– Richard B.


“This is the third times wife and I have used Bethany and North Point Mortgage so that should say it all! They make the finance and re-financing process so easy to understand. Bethany Levin is extremely accommodating I all facets and made us feel comfortable asking what we thought were silly questions without judgment. I would recommend using North Point and Bethany to anyone that is in need of a mortgage co to purchase a house or just to refinance! Thank you Bethany!!!”

– Steven W.


“Even though the commitment letter was on time, You had the clear to close ahead of schedule. You have the patience of a Saint, even though the client is very slow to send you what you need. When a client doesn’t qualify, you don’t just turn them down. You tell them constructive ways that they can change their situation.”

– Marilyn B. (Realtor)


“Bethany was always one step ahead of everything and made it so easy for me to buy a house.”

– Nicholas B.


“Always does [exceed expectations], the only time it’s not smooth is usually on our clients not on your services. You always find a way to get the client what they need no matter how challenging they are!”

– Amy D. (Realtor)


“I highly recommend Bethany if anyone is purchasing or refinancing a home!! I recently purchased a home and Bethany was my Mortgage Consultant.  She walked me through everything, was very professional, always available, and the process went very fast and thanks to Bethany we are happy home owners!”

– Gabrielle M.


“Bethany was amazing to work with. She took us through the home buying process step by step and guided us on all decisions to make and really simplified the process. Bethany explained everything every step of the way. She was able to take us from start to finish very quickly. If I ever buy another home I will ONLY work with Bethany. Working with anyone else would have to be a let down.”

– Angela G.


“Bethany helped me to get through the process of being able to purchase my home. As a person who has never wandered the mortgage world, she worked with me and patiently explained everything I needed to know, sometimes more than once. I highly recommend Bethany for anyone looking to purchase a home.”

– Catherine D.